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"We bought an unfinished home with minimal landscaping several years ago.   After completing the interior, we turned our attention to landscaping, adding some fruit trees and a small vineyard ourselves. We knew we wanted a native look to the yard in keeping with the surrounding elements.   The entry to our home, however, was challenging because of a steep bank on one side, and our previous efforts at managing it were unsuccessful.  We needed to make that our starting point with the hopes of adding a walkway and additional planting areas.  With that in mind, we contracted with Patricia Gates for some design services.

Patricia was a thoughtful listener to our concerns and immediately went to work making suggestions about possible solutions.  It was clear that she would be the one to help us and she soon developed a comprehensive plan that included a challenging rockery, structural elements and a detailed planting scheme using easily maintained native plants.

The entrance to our home now includes a beautiful two- tiered rockery with stone steps to the back of the house.  Patricia and her crew have significant experience with designing and installing rockeries which is immediately evident .The planting of this area, while still immature, promises to be both beautiful and functional this summer with the inclusion of many hardy herbs.  A pathway to the front of the house now provides both easy and attractive access and the addition of several planting areas enhances the appearance of our home from several perspectives.

We could not be more pleased with the results of the work completed by Patricia and her staff.  Their creativity and experience in designing and implementing solutions for challenging landscape problems is exceptional. The crew is hard working and reliable and she is in constant communication with them as issues arise.  We now have a new appreciation of our home from the exterior and can hardly wait for Spring and Summer to enjoy our new spaces."

Jo Anne Holt
Cook Underwood, WA